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The corporate parties in Georgia use state financed primaries to nominate the General Election candidates, including in the national race for President and Vice President of the United States.  The Presidential Preference Primary for Georgia's corporate parties will be held this year on March 12th.  Georgia uses non-partisan registration and an open primary system.  Greens are free to raid the party primary of their choice, even if they support Green candidates and participate in our internal processes. 

The Georgia Green Party uses a Presidential Preference Caucus to determine which of the candidates seeking our support for their nomination are supported by Greens in Georgia.  This year, we will conduct that Caucus during our Annual Nominating Convention.  Registration remains open for participation in our 2024 Nominating Convention. The Convention will take place on Saturday, February 17th, from 10am till 4pm on a virtual platform. Full details will be sent to registrants. 

To prepare for our Presidential Preference Caucus, Georgia Greens are urged to learn more about our options at the links below.  These are the six candidates who have met, to one degree or another, the minimum thresholds for recognition by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee of the Green Party of the United States as candidates seeking seeking the Green Party's Presidential nomination. In alphabetical order by last name, they are:

Discussions are already underway among the state committee of the Georgia Green Party for our plans to collect the signatures required to put our candidates on the ballots to be cast by Georgia's voters in November.  We will need your help to collect the 7,500 valid signatures necessary to place our Presidential slate on the November ballot.  We already anticipate an announcement in the next few days for a state assembly candidate in a metro Atlanta county.  That campaign will need roughly an additional 2,000 signatures for ballot access.  If you can lend a hand to these efforts leading up to our July 9th filing deadline, please let us know. 

If you contemplate a run for office in 2024 (or a future election cycle) or are even remotely interested in considering such an effort, please contact the party officers privately as early as possible to explore what is involved in getting such a project underway. It is still not too late to champion Green Values and our state party platform before the Georgia electorate in this election cycle. 

We look forward to seeing you there.  

for the state committee,
Denice, Kristin, Ayman and Hugh
the officers of the Georgia Green Party